Weddings and Groups

Beautiful vistas and breathtaking scenery create the perfect setting for a memorable wedding, family gathering, and yoga or business retreat.

With the farm’s backdrop of green foliage, blue sky and red earth, weddings held at the farm are stunning. From delightful caterers to artistic photographers, we are happy to recommend local contacts to make your day memorable. There are numerous wedding sites to choose from on the farm property.

An annual overnight camping trip to Gunnison River Farms for local school classrooms of 6th grade students is an influential two days of their elementary education. Based upon their learning unit “Where Food Comes From”, students’ hands feel their way through the leaves to find a ripe peach or grab a handful of green to pull a carrot from the earth. Their minds expand as they learn about entomology and the life cycle of the river trout, or the farm’s biodynamic farming practices. Summer-camp-goers come to the farm to relax outdoors and have adventures in the various bodies of water that surround our property.

Numerous Wedding Sites

There are numerous wedding sites to choose from on the property, each with stunning landscape views and iconic Colorado scenery. Depending on the size of your group, we will assist in finding lodging in the area for additional attendees in local bed and breakfasts and hotels.

The Ideal Retreat

Gunnison River Farms lends itself naturally to business and realxing family or couples vacation retreats.  With our numerous gathering areas, farm to table approach to dining, close proximity to many moutain biking trails for novice or advanced mountain bikers, miles of hiking trails, and water related activities, such as Stand Up Paddle boards and rafting.  Undisturbed time for groups to come together is abundant at our oasis-like, secluded property.